The biggest financial revolution in world history is happening right now

Are you PROFITING from it?

I remember back in 2012 building forex trading strategies using MetaTrader 4 in my Seattle apartment. I’d work on my strategies late into the night and then paper trade them while I was sleeping, in traffic, or at my desk job.

Seattle traffic in the rain

I spent hundreds of hours building, testing, and monitoring my trading strategies to end up making almost nothing. Most of the time I lost money.

My name's Grant. And like many others, I was really just trying to leave my shitty job and achieve financial freedom. Get rich even. Maybe retire early and travel the world.

And for whatever reason, the last scene from Goodfellas with Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) kept popping into my head:

I have to wait around like everyone else … I’m an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.

He had to leave the good life, but at least he lived it. What was my excuse?

The fact is that some of the biggest opportunities to achieve massive wealth only show up once in a lifetime, if that. And most people can’t even spot when it’s right in front of their face.

There are those who will:

  1. Not notice these historical events and completely miss out.
  2. Notice them but not participate for whatever reason. They’ll miss out.
  3. Notice them and hope they make the right bets. They’ll probably make some money.
  4. Notice them and make smart bets. Well, these are the future Rockefellers.

How would you feel if the biggest financial revolution in world history passed you by without you making a single dime?

How many fortunes could you have made by simply participating in it?

Imagine the wealth you could amass by approaching the biggest financial revolution in world history in a smart way that maximizes your profits while minimizing losses.

But what exactly is this massive financial revolution that’s been sweeping the globe?

Well, it’s none other than Bitcoin itself.

Bitcoins in a row

With the global proliferation of cryptocurrencies, essential banking functions, including payment processing and value storage, have been democratized.

This means ANYONE can (and should!) participate in its growth regardless of who or where you are.

And it’s only the beginning.

Imagine investing in Microsoft or Apple when the personal computer popped up or in Amazon during the outset of the e-commerce boom. You would’ve definitely experienced some ups and downs, but the end result would've been life changing.

Microsoft stock price series

Apple stock price time series

Amazon stock price time series

But even those opportunities to invest in the stock market back in the day pale in comparison to the opportunity available to you today.

Just like the introduction of the PC and the Internet, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have launched another technical revolution. But this time, it’s had a near-immediate impact and has massively disrupted the global financial system as a whole.

The bankers aren’t too happy though. Now you can become wealthy and free without them.

Ask yourself:

If I knew the world was at the forefront of the biggest financial revolution in history, would I take advantage of it?

What would I do with my free time if I no longer had to worry about how much money is left in my bank account?

How would I feel if I found out later on that I passed up on the greatest opportunity in my lifetime to break free from the everyday?

Would I regret not having the courage to take action?

Rainy day in Seattle

These questions had been circling in my head during those cold, rainy days in Seattle trying to build forex trading strategies in my dingy apartment.

You’ve probably had times when you thought to yourself,

Enough is enough. I can’t take this shit anymore.

I realized I only have one life to live and I needed to take what I want. No one gives a damn about my success but me, so I need to go get it myself.

So I quit my job as a software developer at Microsoft and moved to Munich, Germany to do my master’s in applied mathematics and computer science.

During my master’s and after graduating, I worked as a quant at a large asset management firm learning the ropes from risk management to generating alpha signals for clients’ portfolios and algorithmic trading strategies.

I learned and implemented a ton as a quant on the trading floor, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to expand and deepen my understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning to get where I needed to go.

This took me to a revolutionary startup in Barcelona, Spain where I lead the innovation and expansion of their artificial intelligence team.

Since then, I’ve combined all of my unique past experiences to build cutting-edge software, AI, and algorithmic trading strategies that allow me to command my financial future and travel the world by generating wealth trading in the cryptocurrency market.

And I’m here to tell you,

You can achieve the same level of financial freedom and location independence.

It’s within your grasp.

Finally, you can stop commuting to an office where you have to interact with the same boring people day in and day out.

You’ll have enough money in your bank account where you can always say,

Don’t worry, I got this.

You’ll be able to travel and live wherever you want, from the big bustling city of New York to the calm quiet island of Koh Lipe, Thailand.

Thailand island beach

And all because you were smart enough to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity that’s currently staring everyone right in the face.

The biggest financial revolution in world history is happening right now and there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t get a piece of the pie.

If you bought Bitcoin back in early 2015 when it was around $300, you would’ve made a profit of around 2700% toward the end of 2019.

Imagine if you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin back then. You’d have $270,000 in only a few years.

Now imagine investing $10,000. I'll let you do the math.

But if you simply bought Bitcoin and held onto it, you would’ve experienced massive ups and downs.

Bitcoin price time series

You might not have had the guts to hold your position (or HODL). Few of us could.

I sure couldn’t.

The good news is there’s a smarter way to invest in the cryptocurrency market that can allow you to reap the profits without experiencing the same volatility and losses as the HODLers.

By using data-driven analytics software that leverages the power of artificial intelligence, we can develop algorithmic trading strategies that buy into the crypto market when the going’s good and sell when the whales unload their positions.

Some crypto traders rely on the HODL method and others on chart reading. I applaud the traders that've found a pathway to freedom in whatever way works for them.

However, in my experience as

  1. A software developer at Microsoft,
  2. A graduate student having studied applied mathematics and computer science in Germany,
  3. A quant on the trading floor of one of the largest asset management firms in the world,
  4. And an artificial intelligence engineer at a revolutionary startup in Barcelona,

I know there’s a smarter way to trade the cryptocurrency market and I’m here to help you get your piece of this ever-expanding pie through effective algorithmic trading strategies.

This is no zero-sum game. EVERYONE who plays in a smart way in the crypto market can profit.

But it's also true that not everyone is cut out for this life-changing journey. It takes courage and a strong character.

If you feel the risk might be too much to handle, then I wish you all the best in achieving your life goals.

But if you’re ready to transform your life into something greater where you have true financial freedom and location independence, let’s get to work.

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